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RaspyMotionDetector software
How to use it?
- Setup the camera by taping display in a terminal. That will open a window where you can see the video stream.
- Start the surveillance by taping motionSensor in a terminal. Some options are available:
t: the size of the minimal object to detect, by default 50000 px.
n: the number of worker thread, by default 3 for a Raspberry with 4 cpu.
f: target FPS. If the value is larger that what is achievable the program will autoset the FPS. By default the program will autoset the FPS.
p: path where to save images on the disk.
s: stop the surveillance after the value in hours, by default infinite time.
For example: motionSensor t 10000 n 2 f 10 p /home/pi/images s 10
Additionnal notes:
If you begin the surveillance by a ssh connection, type:
nohup motionSensor &
This command will detach the process from the ssh connection and the output of the program will be stored in nohup.log.
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